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Hi!! So I have just finally got around to writing a blog to introduce myself! If you are interested in music and live in the Norfolk area there is a chance you may have heard of me. If not that's totally cool, I'll let you know who I am and what I do!

I started singing about as young as a person can! My lovely Mum reliably informs me I literally sang before I could talk and basically I haven't shut up since! I have been singing professionally for 17 years now and have done countless shows, gigs, festivals and parties in that time. Radio jingles and session work have also taken up some musical time!

I sing in my own function band (www.theclairebarkerband.com) with some of Norfolk's best musicians and some of my best friends. We have been together since 2011 and see no sign of slowing down just yet! I also have an acoustic duo with my amazing guitarist Paul Hill (www.claireandpaulduo.co.uk) and we love playing restaurants and weddings together! There is also another project on the horizon but for now that's classified!!

I also work in a school as a TA and I have been thinking about doing a group for children since I was lucky enough to do some singing work with the children at the end of their final junior school year. I got such a buzz from watching them flourish in confidence and self-esteem. Even those that weren't sure at the start and were nervous ended up having a blast and totally smashed their final performances to the parents. So a little over 6 weeks ago I just thought, "I'll go for it!" The name came from a conversation I had with that last group of 53 kids! I said to them, "You should all blend together; you should sound like one voice!" and there the name was born!

So here we are 6 weeks later with a busy Tuesday group and a Monday group starting on 30/10/17. The adults group is coming along - I am just trying to get a definite venue and then we will be cracking on with that too!

Rest assured that each child will be coming into a fun and nurturing environment. Singing is such a great therapy and I see week on week the children growing in confidence and ability! They do not need to be an amazing singer or the next Beyoncé! They just need to come along and enjoy it!

I'll love you and leave you with a little video of me filmed in 2011 singing my favourite song - This is a track recorded by Jennifer Holliday for the TV show Ally McBeal oh so many moons ago and it still gives me tingles when I hear her sing it!

Feel free to get in contact with me via the contact form with any questions!

Claire xx


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