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Time flies doesn't it!? How are we in April already? We are keeping busy at One Voice and have had a fun couple of terms with our lovely children and continue to spread the musical love with our adults as well.

We have already done two shows with the adults this year. A scaled down group performed on International Women's day at the 'Her Business Revolution Annual Conference' and warmed up the exhibitors and organisers with some rousing and empowering classics. We then went on to sing at Norwich Phab Club helping them to raise a tidy £500 to help people with special needs access music and friendship! Our children are also getting ready for their first show of the year at the Easter Fayre at Thorpe Marriott Village Hall on 28th April at 11am!

The sad news is that we have now lost our partner Kate. She has now qualified as a music therapist at Chiltern Music Therapy and is having to dedicate her time to this. Sadly we couldn't find anyone to take over the groups over in Loddon so we have had to close them as it was too much for Josie or I to cover them on a regular basis. Kate; we wish you all the very best and she will cover classes on an ad hoc basis so she hasn't really left the fold forever! We are a two woman outfit so please bear in mind we always do our best, but we are not a large corporation! Just a couple of mum singers who want to share our love of singing with others!

More shows, a workshop and a summer of fun approach for us all. All groups have spaces and you or your child will be most welcome to come and join in the fun! Don't worry about musical skill, we are so much more about the release of music and the joy and friendship it brings to young and old alike! Adults classes vary in age from 17 to 80 and I LOVE the unlikely friendships that have blossomed. We really are a little (or not so little) family. All of the children's groups are taking children from age 5 now as well so never too early to instil a passion for music!

Contact Claire or Josie to start your One Voice journey! You will be made most welcome!

Happy Easter holidays to you all and we hope the bunny is kind and generous with treats and a rest for those children and lovely teachers!

One Voice Glee Club Adults Performance

One Voice Glee Club Adults Performance

Claire x

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