Frequently asked questions...

Who comes to adults choirs? 

Literally all sorts of people come along every week to One Voice. We currently have members from 18-81! We welcome anyone that just enjoys singing and wants to get out and socialise for a few hours. 

I'm shy; will it be scary? 

I sincerely hope not! Some of my members are very shy but most of the time at group you will be singing! Great chance to meet people but without having to think about things to talk about! It's also very laid back - we are all about making it fun! 

How much is it? 

The childrens groups are £5 a week ands are payable half termly. 

Adults classes are £25 per month payable by standing order. You can go to as many classes a week as you fancy for this fee. We offer not one but 2 FREE taster sessions to see if we are the choir for you before you commit! 


What about performances? 

There will be scheduled performances during the year that we aim to get the groups to collaborate on! The more the merrier! You sound amazing, I want to show you off! 

Do I have to do the performances? It terrifies me! 


No of course you don't; although I hope that you may gain the confidence to do so as you get more comfortable singing in a group. You are more than welcome to just come for group sessions if you wish. 


Do I have to audition? 


Absolutely not! Everyone is welcome to just turn up and sing!

What sort of songs do you sing? 

The choirs do a great mix of popular songs old and new. I tend to stick to a secular theme (except Christmas) and make it super fun with simple harmonies to make you sound great as quickly as I can!

Do I have to be able to read music?

Not at all. Part of my inclusive policy means we rarely use scores, just lyrics! You will be invited to our Google-Drive folders so you can hear all the parts and learn them between rehearsals at home, just download the app and I will invite you to the folder! I then teach the parts a chunk at a time in class!